Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Proud Mama

Softball tryouts were Saturday. I was really worried about Mattie's performance and how she'd react if she didn't perform to the standards she'd set for herself.
I mean, Kevin and our neighbor (softball coach) said Mattie was a natural and she would do well, but you always wonder about your child when they begin a new sport. She was trying out with other girls who've been playing since they were 5 years old. As Mattie stood in line with 100 other girls...she was busy chatting, fixing hair, chatting some more and not paying attention to what was happening on the field. I grew more and more worried and anxious. I thought to myself "she's not going to know what to do when she gets up there". Kevin walked up to her several times & told her to pay attention, to watch the field & what the other girls were required to do. She acknowledged his words, looked at the field...and 2 seconds later was back to chatting.
Then came her turn...I fired up the video camera and watched with big butterflies in my stomach. I wanted her to do well. I wanted her to catch every ball. I wanted her to WANT to play softball & not become discouraged. Before I hit record, I warned Kevin I was videoing and for him to not say anything out loud that he didn't want recorded. Well, here's what we saw:

We were in shock! Not that we didn't think she was capable, but you've got to remember, this baby has never played softball in her life. We've always cheered & tumbled! Only in the past 2 weeks has she even used a glove. She's always thrown around baseballs & played backyard wiffle ball. But she did awesome! Every single coach on the field asked her how long she'd been playing softball. (Potential coaches were on the field taking notes on each girl, grading them for the upcoming "draft".) All were in complete shock when she said "this is my first time". They didn't believe her. I even had a mom ask me the name of the trainer I hired to help Mattie. I giggled inside with excitement.

But, the moment that made me the proudest was when I saw Kevin and Mattie high-five each other after her tryout. It was a simple high-five, but it had a lot of meaning behind it. This sport has brought them to spend more time together. Their bond is being renewed & is growing daily. This sport is something they share together and something Kevin wants to be a part of...which makes me and especially Mattie very happy. They pitch in the yard & take trips to the ballpark to practice quite often. Their relationship has really blossomed these past few weeks. Mattie truly needed that at this time in her life.

I'm such a proud Mama. I also praise God that He blessed Mattie with athletic ability. She didn't get it from me! (She must have got some of her Uncle JJ's talent!) Mattie earned a little confidence that day. She's so excited about the upcoming season. The "draft" is today or tomorrow & we expect a call from her new coach on Wednesday night. We hope her coach is patient & a great teacher; someone Mattie will listen to & trust.

So, more updates later on this new, exciting sport in our life!


  1. Wow, Mattie does look like a natural! I am so excited for her!!! Can't wait to hear about her team!

  2. She did great! I'm so happy for her! I have no athletic abilities either...I'm hoping my kids will get some from Brady!

  3. She is awesome. Must get the athletic ability from DaddyK.

  4. Hey Tyree...Tonja sent me a link to your blog. Your Mattie is a natural! What a beautiful family. Good to see you! Brandi