Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Proud Mama

Softball tryouts were Saturday. I was really worried about Mattie's performance and how she'd react if she didn't perform to the standards she'd set for herself.
I mean, Kevin and our neighbor (softball coach) said Mattie was a natural and she would do well, but you always wonder about your child when they begin a new sport. She was trying out with other girls who've been playing since they were 5 years old. As Mattie stood in line with 100 other girls...she was busy chatting, fixing hair, chatting some more and not paying attention to what was happening on the field. I grew more and more worried and anxious. I thought to myself "she's not going to know what to do when she gets up there". Kevin walked up to her several times & told her to pay attention, to watch the field & what the other girls were required to do. She acknowledged his words, looked at the field...and 2 seconds later was back to chatting.
Then came her turn...I fired up the video camera and watched with big butterflies in my stomach. I wanted her to do well. I wanted her to catch every ball. I wanted her to WANT to play softball & not become discouraged. Before I hit record, I warned Kevin I was videoing and for him to not say anything out loud that he didn't want recorded. Well, here's what we saw:

We were in shock! Not that we didn't think she was capable, but you've got to remember, this baby has never played softball in her life. We've always cheered & tumbled! Only in the past 2 weeks has she even used a glove. She's always thrown around baseballs & played backyard wiffle ball. But she did awesome! Every single coach on the field asked her how long she'd been playing softball. (Potential coaches were on the field taking notes on each girl, grading them for the upcoming "draft".) All were in complete shock when she said "this is my first time". They didn't believe her. I even had a mom ask me the name of the trainer I hired to help Mattie. I giggled inside with excitement.

But, the moment that made me the proudest was when I saw Kevin and Mattie high-five each other after her tryout. It was a simple high-five, but it had a lot of meaning behind it. This sport has brought them to spend more time together. Their bond is being renewed & is growing daily. This sport is something they share together and something Kevin wants to be a part of...which makes me and especially Mattie very happy. They pitch in the yard & take trips to the ballpark to practice quite often. Their relationship has really blossomed these past few weeks. Mattie truly needed that at this time in her life.

I'm such a proud Mama. I also praise God that He blessed Mattie with athletic ability. She didn't get it from me! (She must have got some of her Uncle JJ's talent!) Mattie earned a little confidence that day. She's so excited about the upcoming season. The "draft" is today or tomorrow & we expect a call from her new coach on Wednesday night. We hope her coach is patient & a great teacher; someone Mattie will listen to & trust.

So, more updates later on this new, exciting sport in our life!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I'm about to move into uncharted territory. The sport is softball. I know nothing about it. Mattie has signed up to play girls softball on a 10 & under team. We don't have teams yet, but tryouts/evaluations are this Saturday.

Kevin has been wonderful in "training" Mattie in the sport of softball. He said she's a natural. My words to him were "See, all those years of cheering & tumbling really did pay off!" (He didn't laugh.) Anyway, Kevin said Mattie simply needs to learn the basics of softball, i.e. stance in batter's box, batting, etc.

Kevin even took Mattie to buy her softball gear (except for the sports bra). He did so good. Every item had pink or purple on it. I loved it. It was so me...I mean Mattie!

Wish us luck...Mattie is so excited about playing softball. Kevin is so excited that Mattie is playing softball and not cheering or tumbling. I'm excited to get involved in the girls' softball world. Only one thing...I sure hope the uniforms are cute!

Here's a video I took just a few minutes ago...

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

She's Got a Voice and She Knows How to Use It!

This is to announce that we have an up and coming country music star in our house. She sings all the time. Even daycare videos her singing! Tonight, she was in a singing mood, so I grabbed my Flip Video and recorded the performance. I recorded 10performances and it was really hard to choose just one.

and this little guy is trying out for her guitarist...he may be a little too rock-n-roll!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Camo & Pink Tutus

Yesterday (or last night actually) I had hoped to enter a blog entry titled "Today We Celebrated" and post a funny pic of Josie and me, but never got around to it.
For yesterday was the last day of hunting season. I celebrated by not touching my house. I left every single thing where it fell, every play horse, stuffed dog, tutu, crown, high heel barbie shoe, underwear, pants, hairbrush, pancake plates...you get the picture.

When my husband arrived home from his 4 day trip in the woods, Josie and I greeted him with open arms. Okay, that's a lie...
Kevin walked in the door and Josie and I were dancing in our pink tutus and cowboy boots to the Lady Antebellum (?sp) song "Love Don't Live Here Anymore". (And no, there was no hidden message with my choice of songs!). Kevin laughed then looked around the house with a puzzled look on his face. (For you see, I am obsessive, compulsive, i.e. anal about cleanliness in my house!) I explained that we celebrated all day long the last day of hunting season. (By the way, we didn't leave Mattie out...she was in Birmingham riding horses! Lucky girl!)

We loved on "Daddy", talked about his long weekend with nature (and the boys)...and after, what seemed like an hour of hellos, hugs, kisses, unloading of camo, and trying to get out of my size 6/8 (little girls size) tutu, I gave Kevin one more hug & kiss and told him I'd see him in about 2 hours. For I wanted to celebrate in my own way...with a long past due NAP!!!
It was glorious.

So, I hate I didn't get to post the funny pic. After looking at the picture, I don't know if I can post it for the world to see. Just think of me in a little girl's size 6/8 pink tutu... enough said!

Good nite!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Picture Overload

The guy with the deer is my husband, Kevin. I'm missing him lately...he's been, well as he says, "been watching big bucks walking"! Kevin seems to enjoy hunting more and more....I think it's all the hormones in the house. He said he loves to sit in his deer stand and pick blonde hairs out of his camo. He tries to guess who the hair belongs to... me, Mattie or Josie! He keeps us girls straight and keeps a tight hold on the checkbook/checkcard. He takes care of "his girls" (and sometimes spoils us too)!!!

The gal with the golden curly locks is my Mattie! This is one of my favorite pics of her. She will be 11 in February. My, my where have the years gone. Mattie has such a big heart and is so loving, always has a smile on her face. My little spunky Punky!

And the little darling in the snow bunny hat is Ms. Josie. Josie turned 4 in November. Many who know her (okay, most who know her) say she's a female version of Dennis the Menace! There's really no other way to describe her. She marches to the beat of her own drum, lives in her own little world and is just the funniest little human being I've ever met.

It's a little wild and crazy in our house. But I love it. I'm so blessed.

What Have I Done?

Well, here it is...my very own blog. Am I crazy? Must be. Like I have time to do this. I so envy those blog girls who keep everyone up to date on the latest happenings in their family & life. There are some blogs I read that push me to tears or make me want to be a better person. If only I could inspire someone...
Anyway, I'm going to try out the blog world. I just want to post pics of my family, share videos I take with my handy-dandy mini video camera, and just share the things going on in our wonderful, crazy life. You know I've always got a story to tell...
So, join me. Check in often. Tell your friends and family. (Who am I kidding...only Mom, Dad, Christie and Jarrod will be reading this thing!!)
You can now begin Keeping up with the Joneses!